Enovid Badge

Advertisment for Enovid, the first contraceptive pill

This item is an advert for Enovid, the first contraceptive pill. The front shows Andromeda, a female figure in Greek mythology. She frees herself from chains, symbolising this new contraceptive.

Gold-coloured front.

Text on the reverse:

From the beginning, woman has been a vassal to the temporal demands, and frequently the abberations, of the cyclic mechanism of her reproductive system. Now, to a degree heretofore unknown, she is permitted normalization, enhancement, or suspension of cyclic function and procreative potential.

the first comprehensive regulator of female cyclic function - is here symbolized in an illustration from ancient Greek mythology: Andromeda freed from her chains.

Research in the service of Medicine

Inventory number: 2333
Material: plant
Dimensions, in cm: 14,7 x 10,5 x 2,5
Date: 1961
Condition: fair