Labels and informational materials included in packages of contraceptives

In the 1930s, an unknown English collector put together a large album containing approximately 400 alphabetised price lists, announcements, labels, information sheets and advertisements for contraceptives, which was then generously donated to the Museum. It was carefully disassembled by professionals, items damaged by moisture were smoothed out, corroded staples removed, and the individual pages have been placed in age-resistant Mylar sleeves.

The individual items have been inventoried and can be found in our database by means of the search function.



Inventory number: 2159
Material: paper, cardboard, metal staples, in document-proof Mylar sleeves
Date: 1930
Condition: the original albums made of paper and cardboard and covered with red velvet were heavily damaged. As they did not contain any relevant information, they are no longer part of the collection.