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Betz pessary

Button pessary made of gold, 3/4-inch disk

Gold pessary was used as a means of contraception. It was intended to block the entrance to the uterus, however, was not very effective, since the sperm found their way round it. From the middle of a round, button-like end piece with a two-centimetre diameter runs a vertical wire, around which is coiled another helical wire, for the length of 3 centimetres.

The vertical wire ends in a V-shape and spreads apart crosswise. The ends finish up in thickened parts, shaped like teardrops. The box, beige with a gold and black sticker, is only partially preserved.

Inventory number: 1687
Material: gold
Dimensions, in cm: 2,8 x 2 x 6,5
Date: before 2004
Condition: very good
Manufactor: Frank S. Betz Company