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Donna fertility tester

The form of the ‘fertility tester’ resembles that of a lipstick, white, with a depiction of a woman’s head and the logo ‘Donna’ in blue.


It works as follows:

A woman can test her fertility with the help of the ‘lipstick’. Inside the tester, there is a small magnifying glass, which is to be unscrewed. The underside is wetted with saliva and should be left to dry for a while.

Next, the magnifying glass is screwed down again and the small light switch on the end of the stick is activated. Now the saliva image appears magnified. The result can be interpreted with the help of the instruction manual.

Inventory number: 1568
Material: plastic
Dimensions, in cm: 7,4 x 1,9 Durchmesser
Date: before 2004
Condition: very good