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Pregnosticon Planotest

Reattivi per la diagnosi di gravidanza

Pregnancy test produced by the Organon company for use in doctor’s surgeries. Illustrated instructions in English and Italian are included. For ten applications.


Test procedure: place 1 drop of antiserum within the yellow circle on the slide and add 1 drop of urine with the spare dropper provided.

Mix carefully with the white spatula.

Shake the latex suspension and add 1 drop to the mixture on the slide.

Stir this mixture with the spatula and spread it over the entire surface within the yellow circle entirely. Shake the slide gently for two minutes so that the liquid covers the yellow circle evenly.

The test result can then be checked.


No agglutination: positive for pregnancy

Agglutination: negative for pregnancy


Inventory number: 2747
Dimensions, in cm: 19,4 x 7,8 x 5,8
Date: 1967
Condition: good
Donor: Gianfranco Rocchini