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Patentex Oval

Six vaginal suppositories, five in a blister pack, one unpackaged, including description. Part of the First Swiss Contraception Display Case.


The foaming vaginal suppository dissolves in the vagina and hinders the mobility of the sperm cells, and the foam also prevents sperm from entering the uterine orifice. The foam’s effectiveness begins after approximately ten minutes and lasts for one hour.


Patentex Oval is inserted finger-deep into the vagina at least ten minutes before intercourse. A second suppository must be applied before every subsequent penetration, even if ejaculation does not result within one hour. Contraceptive protection is effective only when a suppository is inserted before each penetration and ejaculation does not occur until at least ten minutes afterwards.


Inventory number: 1276
Material: plastic
Dimensions, in cm: 5x7
Condition: o.k.
Manufactor: Patentex GmbH
Donor: Heinz Baumann