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Mercilover advertising poster


"Nature gave us the blessing of the children, but what did life know ... Tell the whole thing adé with verhuetung-punkt-at." (Eng: “contraception-dot-at.”)

White writing on a pink Mercilover bag. The upper half bears the stylised head of a couple, and in the upper-right-hand corner is the same motif as on the T-shirt, with the text: “Get yourself a plushy Mercilover. The practical bag for your pills, your mobile phone, your lipstick – now available from your gynaecologist!"

In the lower-middle section of the Mercilover is depicted a box bearing the logo of the Organon company along with the website address.

Inventory number: 1439
Material: paper
Dimensions, in cm: 42 x 29,7
Date: 2004
Condition: very good