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The ‘Toolbox’ contains a paper strip to which four packaged condoms made by ‘Durex’ and ‘Ansell’ are affixed. The selection is between Extra Large, Classic, Close Fit and Extra Strong.

Two lubricating liquids made by ‘Durex’ and ‘Ansell’ are also affixed. Each object comes with a short description on how to use it. The cardboard of the Toolbox is blue, white and orange.

The box is made by Hardwear. A feedback form for NZAF (www.nnzaf.org.nz) is enclosed.

Inventory number: 2435
Material: cardboard, plastic, latex, paper
Dimensions, in cm: 5,4 x 5,5 x 0,4
Date: 2007
Condition: good
Donor: Dame Margaret Sparrow