Condom dispenser

Blausiegel-Hygienic rubber goods

The condom dispenser sonsists of blue metal and has a push button and an opening slot. There is an additional push button in case the dispenser does not work as intended. It also has a key, which opens the dispenser. The dispenser is empty.

Labels read:
- Property of Ferry Ebert Vending Machines Ges.m.b.H.&Co.KG.

- Stuck to the side: In case of malfunction, contact the proprietor, Hywa Warenhandel (Eng: Hywa Commodity Trading)
- Types of condoms available


Inventory number: 2156
Material: metal
Dimensions, in cm: 55,5 x 17,2 x 13,9
Date: about 1956
Condition: moderate