Our team

Christian Fiala, founder and director, in charge of development and networking
Claudia Grammer, archivist, librarian, website editor, answering research enquiries
Susanne Krejsa MacManus, researcher and writer, newsletter, manuscripts
Brigitte A. Oettl, research, education, communication, project and event management
Elisabeth Parzer, guide, scientific collaboration

DDr. Christian Fiala

General practitioner, gynaecologist and obstetrician with experience in France, Asia (Thailand), Africa (Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi) and Austria. Since his student days he has been engaged in birth control as well as the care and treatment of women with unwanted pregnancies and against maternal mortality.

His tasks at the MUVS: directorship, development and networking. He founded the MUVS driven by the motivation not solely to conserve and impart (historical) knowledge about contraception and abortion, but, primarily to raise awareness of the human desire to control their own reproduction and customise it to individual wishes and needs – bolstering sexual self-determination against the ruthlessness of natural fertility.

“Some 100 years ago fertility meant that an average woman´s life was determined by 15 pregnancies, 10 births and 8 children. Today we have a largely self-determined access and approach to sexuality and reproduction. After the discovery of fire, birth control represents the second most important cultural accomplishment of humanity.“

Extended Profile

Claudia Grammer

Historical studies, philosophy and education

Her tasks at the MUVS: Maintaining the archive of the artifact and article collection, the library and the documentation archive of Hermann Knaus, website content and processing, media and researcher requests.

“The work with ancient objects, documents and books is my great passion. Dealing with historical materials fascinates me over and over again. It allows me to immerse myself into long gone worlds and to learn so much about history. Making the historical context tangible and perceptible for others through objects astounds me endlessly.“

Dr. Susanne Krejsa MacManus

PhD in biology, long time service in health care, with sideline work experience in the museum sector. Curious and delighted by writing, she sowed her wild oats as a science journalist and author of several non-fictions and biographies. The invitation to collaborate on the creation and establishment of the MUVS together with its founder and designers followed in 2003. It resulted in the conception of the exhibition space and the development of museum´s collection, library and archive.

Her tasks at the MUVS: texts and the newsletter as well as research and development of the Hermann Knaus (1892-1970) documentation archive, author of a Hermann Knaus biography (completion scheduled for 2016).

“I like to describe my work at and for the MUVS as my ´second-chance education´: In spite of the how significantly the experience of fertility, birth control and abortion influences all possible aspects of the society, these topics largely remain kept hidden away. Even with my persistent dedication to the topic, I keep on discovering new connections.“

Mag. Brigitte Anna Oettl, MAS

Versatile professional educated in journalism, communications, philosophy, psychology, public relations, creative writing, documentarism, story telling and adult education. Experienced as a print and television journalist as well as in media production, event management, and public relations management. She now aspires to the fields of research, networking and design.

Her tasks at the MUVS: research, education, communication, project and event management

„Preserving and conveying the knowledge about self-determined reproduction and the awareness of the long, painful and sorrowful journey of humankind towards that goal, rewards me with a deep contentment resulting from tackling an important and meaningful task in service to society. It is exhilarating to take (young) people down the path towards a self-conscious, confident and flourishing approach to their own sexuality by means of storytelling.“

Mag. Elisabeth Parzer

Studied psychology, focussing on sociological women´s and gender studies. Her master thesis deals extensively with the symbolic meaning of birth control methods. Trained in sexual education with several years´ work experience at the NGO 'Achtung Liebe' (“Cautious Love”); lecture and workshop activities. She has been a guide at the MUVS since 2008.

Her tasks at the MUVS: Coordinating and conducting guided tours, visitor services, scientific collaboration on current research projects on birth control and abortion

“There is something I don't know, that I am supposed to know. I don't know what it is I don't know, and yet am supposed to know. And I feel I look stupid if I seem both not to know and not to know what it is I don't know. Therefore, I pretend I know it. This is nerve-wracking, since I don't know what I must pretend to know. Therefore, I pretend to know everything. I feel you know what I am supposed to know, but you can't tell me what it is. Because you don't know what I don't know what it is. You may know what I don't know, but not that I don't know it. And I can't tell you. So you will have to tell me everything.”
(Ronald D. Laing, 1927-1989, British psychiatrist and co-founder of the antipsychiatry movement).