Robert Snowden

Robert Snowden

Robert Snowden

The 'Snowdon Collection' includes 95 contraceptive coils, five books authored by Snowdon (including his thesis entitled 'Factors in the Use and Effectiveness of the Intra-Uterine Device, 1971; The IUD – A Practical Guide, 1977; The I.U.D.- A Woman's Guide, 1986; as well as five scientific papers. This collection also includes the minutes of meetings from the early history of the 'Women's Welfare Association' in Exeter, England – dating from 1930 to1965.

Robert (Bob) Snowden, Professor Emeritus at Exeter University (UK)

Snowden was born on September 5, 1935. After six years of military service and five years serving as a police officer, he enrolled at Exeter University. He earned his doctorate in Psychology in 1971 with a thesis entitled 'Social Factors in the Use and Effectiveness of the Intrauterine Device'.

In the same year he founded the Family Planning Research Unit at the Department for Sociology at Exeter University, and in 1978 he established the Institute of Population Studies there too. Snowdon continued to be a Professor of Family Studies in the Department of Sociology until his retirement.

From 1973 through 1989 Snowdon acted as a research coordinator and consultant for WHO, Human Reproduction Unit: from 1969 through 1984 he served as consultant and research fellow for international projects at the Pathfinder Fund (Boston, USA). Many other functions and responsibilities would be worth noting. As of 1971 he authored over 100 publications for scientific journals, contributed nine comprehensive texts to reference books in the field and appeared as the main author, co-author and publisher of 10 additional textbooks.

Snowden's research was primarily concerned with personal and social factors in relation to human reproduction within various social environments in Britain and other countries. He established and coordinated an extensive family planning net in the UK consisting of 26 centers. He obtained research grants to a value exceeding 2.3 million pounds.

In 2007, he and his wife and collegue Elisabeth Snowden donated his collection of IUDs as well as books and papers to our museum.