NL 2009/07

Looking for physician and writer Fritz Kahn (1888 - 1968)

Here at the IMF (Institute for Media-Research) at the Braunschweig University of Art we are currently doing some research regarding didactics and the value of images. We thus came across the physician and writer Fritz Kahn (1888 - 1968) who, during his lifetime, issued a couple of works that used special illustrations to explain physiological activities.
These illustrations seldom reflect the actual anatomical reality but rather work as a metaphor.E.g. tiny men sitting in one's stomach, using pick-axes to crush the food.

Kahn's biography: Born in Halle, Germany, he later moved to Berlin to study medicine and science and became a practicing gynaecologist.
Around the year 1933 he moved to Palestine due to his jewish background. From 1939 to 1941 he lived in France and Portugal, then he immigrated to New York.
1968 Kahn died in Lugano, Switzerland.

Some of his books are: "The human body”, “Our sex life”, “Men in structure and function”, “The life of humans”, “Die Geschlechtskrankheiten: Wesen, Vorbeugung, Heilung. Allgemein verständlich dargestellt“, „Das Versehen der Schwangeren in Volksglaube und Dichtung“.

I'm currently in search for sources in which Kahn reflects about his didactic or where he comments on the development process of a certain idea for an image.
Any communication between Kahn and his illustrators (he didn't create the images himself) or other coeval illustrators regarding this would also be helpful.

During my research I already discovered a couple of biographical resources. Unfortunately these sources offer little information concerning didactic and value of images.
If you came across some relevant resources, I would be grateful if you could enlighten me.

Thanks a lot!
Katrin Meissner (student research assistant)