NL 2018/10

Large Collection of Pill Packs and Coils

Around 1,000 objects are encompassed in a new addition to our collection of contraceptive pills and coils. A large pill manufacturer had collected these in the 1970s all over the world for marketing research purposes. The items are dated and marked with the name of the country of origin and consist of complete packs (outer boxes, blister packs, sometimes decorative pill holders for ladies’ handbags, often also a package insert), as well as packaged/shrink-wrapped coils, in most cases with an insertion rod.

We owe “gains” of this kind to often long standing contacts with other archives/libraries/museums who pass on items that are more suited to our collection. That was the case here too: the competitive products did not fit the profile of the collections of the Schering Archive in Berlin.

Over the course of the next few months, we will make an inventory of the items, photograph them and make them available online. One thing we can already reveal: there are some real treasures in there!