Highlights from 26 April 2016

Let´s take a closer look at another two highlights of our museum work today.

The first one is a love item that may bring about some smirks. A condom `suspender´. In times when condoms were not yet thin and elastic like today, they had a tendency to either slip off or inside and therefore became an inventor´s challenge. For more visit http://en.muvs.org/topic/mind-the-slip-en/.

Now and then we are lucky enough to receive donations such as objects, books, collections, innovative prototypes, bequests, photographs, letters etc. (getting the broad hint?). Hans Kremser, gynaecologist and former head of the gynaecological department at the Villach Hospital, Austria contributed amongst others two puzzling `art objects´ he had kept in his book shelf. What they really serve for and what we believe to know about them, please find hereinafter http://en.muvs.org/abortion/instruments/speculum-made-of-wooden-id3042-en/.


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