Highlights from 1 October 2015

How are babies made and an art installation by Pauline Marcelle

How are babies made? Eww, not with something like sex, which simply isn’t discussed! Storks bring them, everybody knows that. The story of the white stork, which delivers babies and bites mothers in the leg so they must spend a few days in bed, became popular during the 19th century, when Europe’s prudish bourgeois society suppressed the theme of sexuality. Today, we have two plates from our ‘stork collection’ to show you: http://en.muvs.org/contraception/c-media/stork-with-baby-id3001-en/

The artist Pauline Marcelle wondered why abortion is still listed in Austria’s criminal code although it has been legal under certain circumstances for decades, in Austria and similar states. Marcelle’s treatment of this theme is the subject of today’s highlight: http://en.muvs.org/abortion/abo-media/the-fence-id3031-en/


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