Highlights from 4 November 2013

Papaya seeds as a contraceptive for men and the Rachel Maddow’s TV-Show

An ideal world, the kind we’d like, would also have an absolutely reliable and at the same time natural method of contraception, preferably plant-based and one that has already been employed by primitive societies. If it can’t be Eve’s apple, then maybe Adam’s papaya? Read more on: http://en.muvs.org/topic/sounds-good-tastes-great-but-does-it-work-en/

In that same ideal world, everybody would be guided by reason, tolerant and nice to their neighbours. We suspect that this doesn’t reflect the current reality. But the way the anti-abortion steamroller’s ploughing through the USA: that’s totally foreign to our comparatively ideal little world. A look at Rachel Maddow’s TV show will bring chills to our spines: http://en.muvs.org/topic/the-rachel-maddows-tv-show-en/


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