Highlights from 18. March 2013

When Springtime Friskiness Returns

“Contraception is accident protection” is a credo from the field of family planning. Indeed, there are some amazing parallels: many accidents happen as a result of carelessness and underestimating risk – in both areas. Because of wishful thinking we like to believe that ‘nothing will happen’. But something often does. That’s why protecting oneself beforehand is a smart thing to do: http://en.muvs.org/topic/just-dont-try-it/

What people think about in the course of their daily lives is reflected in art: literature in particular often deals with contraception, abortion, child murder, etc. Today’s example is from Austrian writer Peter Turrini: http://en.muvs.org/topic/forty-years-ago-child-murder-on-stage/


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