Highlights from 23 October 2012

Did You Know: A Woman Belongs to Her Husband, Children Belong to the State

“The basis of a woman’s beauty is the attraction and happiness of her husband.... The husband’s enjoyment of [your] radiant appearance acts as a tonic for [your] nerves and maintains [your] self-regard.” All this thanks to 'Abonor vaginal douche' says the advert leaflet from 1929; whereas the douche, in fact,  was a means of contraception: http://en.muvs.org/topic/stay-youthful-attractive-and-ready-to-work-for-your-husband-en/

“The view that unborn children belong to the general public, the state, is hardly taken into complete consideration and is certainly not brought to bear; such considerations are far from the minds of women”, complained Dr Erich Wulffen of Saxony’s Ministry of Justice in 1931. Supposedly, this was the reason for the many abortions (illegal at the time) and infanticides: http://en.muvs.org/topic/a-thin-brush-attached-to-a-wire-en/


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