Highlight from 9. July 2012

Highlight(s) at these temperatures: Water!

To start off, we have fish in water: nature gave them swim bladders so they can just let themselves go and relax, and don’t have to paddle constantly. These pouches of extremely delicate skin are also a godsend for humans. Thanks to them, we can stop worrying and let ourselves go too, as they’re suitable for use as condoms. However, the right species of fish have been depleted to a frightening degree, and our own expectations have risen, so that fish bladder condoms are solely of historical interest: http://en.muvs.org/contraception/condoms/fischblasenkondom-auf-holzpenis-id1995

Water – in a soap solution – is also a substance that was frequently used for clandestine abortions, and this method was extremely dangerous, both for the user’s health and in a legal sense. In ways more effective and eloquent than any politician, artists put into words the horrible injustices done to women in desperate situations. For example, Bert Brecht in today’s poem: http://en.muvs.org/topic/bertolt-brecht-the-ballade-of-paragraph-218-1929-en/



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