Highlight from 11. June 2012

Today’s Highlights Will Make You Angry

Some apparently innocent pieces of furniture have a not-so-innocent inner life. Whoever figures out how to open them might get a surprise: http://en.muvs.org/contraception/douche/franzoesischer-bidet-id2886-en/

If the ‘good old days’ were really that good, it wasn’t in terms of contraception and abortion. Not even the most nostalgic individuals want to return to the impractical and awkward contraception methods that now make us smile (link). The same is true of the thinking behind some statements made in the past. In many cases they will make your smile freeze and give way to anger and outrage (link). Those were the reactions to some of the things said in the documentary ‘Der lange Arm der Kaiserin’ (‘The Long Arm of the Empress’) by witnesses to this history. This film was screened at the Museum of Contraception and Abortion’s celebration of its fifth birthday. Read more about it in our second Highlight: http://en.muvs.org/topic/an-angry-birthday-celebration/


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