Highlights from 16 April 2012

A great discoverer and the 'morning-after pill' in Germany.

Christopher Columbus, Konrad Röntgen, Ferdinand von Zeppelin: the world has seen many great discoverers and inventors. And even the ‘little world of contraception’ contains its tinkerers – though they’re generally not as well known. For this reason, our Highlights will feature a series about inventors and their creations. The focus this time is Carlos Galli Mainini: thanks, little frog!

As everyone knows, women are not especially bright and don’t know what’s best for themselves ;-).  This belief has been widely held for centuries, throughout the history of contraception and abortion. And because of this ‘feminine feeble-mindedness’, governements, church and medical profession have been more than happy to make their decisions for them. A recent example can be found in Germany, where women are apparently not capable of using the ‘morning-after pill’ correctly, despite what has been observed in 28 other European countries and contrary to the recommendations of the WHO.

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