Our Highlights for (Hopefully!) the End of Winter

The Bound Stork and a Central Piece of Furniture

When tied up, a stork is unable to deliver babies. Who could have guessed that this image would be the subject of parliamentary debate? Read more in our Current Highlight: en.muvs.org


The kitchen table fulfils a few central functions: it’s where revolutions are planned, love letters are written, and homework is checked. Whenever a stable workplace with sufficient light and a nearby source of hot water are required, the kitchen table is the first choice. Read more in our Current Highlight: en.muvs.org


Visit the Museum for Contraception and Abortion (MUVS), Mariahilfer Gürtel 37, 1150 Vienna, open Wednesday to Sunday, 2 to 6 p.m., or all day our website on en.muvs.org.