Highlights dated October 19, 2010

Believe It or Not, Penises Are Flexible!

The year 1999 saw a sensation: photographs of a couple during intercourse taken for medical study. They enabled a team of Dutch researchers to resolve one of the final mysteries. Thanks to test volunteers and Viagra, we now know that the erect penis is flexible and adapts to the vagina’s angle. These images, which caused so much controversy at the time, can be seen on our website: http://de.muvs.org (right-hand column, Current Highlights)


Why were abortions so dangerous in the past? There were two reasons: firstly, learning how to perform the procedure was not covered during medical training, meaning that it was often performed in the absence of specific knowledge and the necessary hygiene, and secondly, women in need of them tended to wait as long as possible, then going to nearly any lengths to end an unwanted pregnancy. The last resort was disposing of the newborn baby in some way. While this meant the woman could ensure her own health, being discovered and the consequences thereof meant social or even physical death. One of the many examples is the story of Anna D. in 1868: http://en.muvs.org/topic/1868-anna-d-infanticide-en/


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