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  • NL 2019/03Regine Kapeller-Adler: (1900-1991): An important step towards the development of the modern pregnancy test.
  • NL 2018/1150 Years of the Catholic Encyclical Humanae vitae:
  • NL 2018/10Large Collection of Pill Packs and Coils
  • NL 2018/06The Undervalued Pregnancy Test
  • Simone Veil has diedAs health minister, she introduced the right to have an abortion into France. 
  • NL 2017/02Vasalgel - Men’s new option
  • NL 2016/07aPioneer of Birth Control: Karl-Heinz Mehlan´s 100th Birthday
  • NL 2016/07Switzerland: ‚Mother of legal abortion on demand within 3 months‘ dead
  • Highlights from 26 April 2016Let´s take a closer look at another two highlights of our museum work today.
  • Highlights from 10. February 2016Even what mustn’t be seen, can be seen here
  • NL 2016/01The Birth of Hormone Research: sterilisation was believed bring about eternal youth
  • Highlights from 18. November 2015Visit Our Virtual Special Exhibit, the Selection Criteria Employed by Ethical Banks
  • Highlights from 1 October 2015How are babies made and an art installation by Pauline Marcelle
  • NL 2015/08Social Distress creates Markets
  • Highlights from 1 July 2015Our new highlights: Polygon-Coil and Parsley
  • NL 2015/04The Prague Years of an Exceptional Physician
  • NL 2015/03Carl Djerassi and the Pill: He Was the ‘Supplier’ of the Active Ingredient
  • NL 2015/02aHe who returns from a storm has experience. (Icelandic proverb)
  • NL 2015/01Kyusaku Ogino: Think Backwards But Count Forwards. The Japanese Gynaecologist Died 40 Years Ago (01. 01. 1975)
  • NL 2014/11Concealing a Pregnancy Indicates Intent to Commit Infanticide
  • Highlights from 23. October 2014We too have something to say about WWI:
  • Highlights from 24. September 2014Everything’s Political!
  • NL 2014/08Ireland: it’s not good to be an illegitimate child
  • Highlights from 23 June 2014IUD's that look like earrings and the famous diarist Anaïs Nin
  • Highlights from 16 April 2014When spring arrives, bringing with it seasonal friskiness, contraception is rarely brought up.
  • NL 2014/03A ‘case of appendicitis’ spares a family shame
  • NL 2014/02Happy Birthday, Jack Lippes! The inventor of the Lippes Loop IUD is turning 90
  • NL 2013/11aForty Years Ago: Austria’s National Council Resolves to Legalise Abortion
  • NL 2013/11From Mrs. Skeffington and Many Other Women (and Men): Thank You, Doris Lessing!
  • Highlights from 4 November 2013Papaya seeds as a contraceptive for men and the Rachel Maddow’s TV-Show
  • NL 2013/07Menstruation Management: Changes in How the Pill is Taken
  • Highlights from 19. June 2013Everyone who’s now an adult, thoughtful, smart and always rational was once young and possibly not quite so thoughtful, smart and always rational.
  • NL 2013/06On Wednesday, 29 May, Henry Morgentaler passed away in Canada.
  • Highlights from 6. May 2013Let’s take a look at how little privacy is accorded to the most private matter of all – an individual’s sexuality.
  • Highlights from 18. March 2013When Springtime Friskiness Returns
  • Highlights from 19. February 2013Everything in life involves ... physics. Today’s Highlights deal with soapsuds and lactic acid.
  • NL 2013/01Abortion in Canada: Part of the Health Act Rather than a Crime for 25 Years Now. The doctor Henry Morgentaler succeeded after a decades-long struggle
  • Highlights from 15. January 2013Our Highlights of the new year: design of medicines’ packaging and a vaginal douche.
  • Highlights from 23 October 2012Did You Know: A Woman Belongs to Her Husband, Children Belong to the State
  • NL 2012/09“Sensibly Planned Parenthood Rather than the Continued Exploitation of Women’s Bodies and Souls”: Individual Psychologist Margret Hilferding passed away 70 years ago.
  • Highlights from 11. September 2012Two Highlights for everyone returning from holiday: an innocent-looking briefcase and an apparently dangerous metal object
  • Highlight from 9. July 2012Highlight(s) at these temperatures: Water!
  • Highlight from 11. June 2012Today’s Highlights Will Make You Angry
  • NL 2012/05 aInvitation: Fifth anniversary of MUVS
  • NL 2012/05Madame Restell – a moralist drove her to her death
  • Highlights from 16 April 2012A great discoverer and the 'morning-after pill' in Germany.
  • Highlights from 26 March 2012Today’s Highlights: two birthdays
  • NL 2012/03The MUVS is Now Five Years Old: 80 square metres and 20,000 visitors
  • The Highlights from 2 February 2012Communicating information about disease and health is an art that involves more than mere knowledge of the natural sciences:
  • The Highlights from 8 November 2011What we can learn from the garden hose
  • The Highlights from 5 October 2011In recognition of its significant contribution to the preservation of cultural treasures and technologies, the Museum of Contraception and Abortion was included in the Excellence Club – The Best in Heritage by the European Heritage Association.
  • NL 2011/09Margaret Sanger (1879–1966) Died 45 Years Ago Family Planning Was Claimed to Be a Communist Plot
  • The Highlights from 23 August 2011Hurray, the New Highlights Are Here!
  • The Highlights from 20 July 2011The maiden tea and the future child: What it is and what it isn’t.
  • The Highlights from 16 May 2011Count Zeppelin’s airship not only inspired Frankfurt butcher Stephan Weiss to create his Zeppelin sausage, it was also greeted enthusiastically by condom supplier E. Vier & Co of Dresden.
  • The Highlights from 29 March 2011'This Will Get the Stork’s Beak in a Twist'
  • NL 2009/01Open Letter to Cardinal Christoph Schönborn
  • NL 2008/08Abortion 400 years ago: the old Meichsner woman and her daughter
  • Our Highlights for (Hopefully!) the End of WinterThe Bound Stork and a Central Piece of Furniture
  • NL 2008/04"For women whose health does not allow for rapid family growth" 130 years ago, Anna Lohman a.k.a. "Madame Restell" cut her own throat.
  • NL 2008/12The State needed to demonstrate its power In honor of the 70th birthday of Dr. Horst Theissen
  • NL 2011/02‘God’s Blessing’ in Figures: British economist Robert Malthus was born 245 years ago
  • NL 2009/09'Abortion is a woman’s right!' Initiative Petition to be considered by Parliament and local council
  • NL 2010/10Right to abortion still only exists on paper: a Council of Europe decision about the obligations of healthcare providers is temporarily overthrown
  • NL 2007/13Private museum protects Austrian cultural heritage. The great Austrian gynecologist Hermann Knaus is kept a secret.
  • The Highlights from 20 January 2011‘Sour makes you happy’ and a 1960s era pregnancy test
  • NL 2008/05Inventor of the Karman Cannula
  • NL 2008/3bCanada leads the way: fewer abortions, reduced maternal mortality
  • NL 2007/11“It’s the man who should be punished"
  • NL 2009/06aThe human right to self-determination
  • Highlights dated January 17, 2011Headstrong Camels and a Lack of Progress in Ireland
  • NL 2010/06aUnwanted children were a substantial source of income – 'Baby farming' and abortionists saved women from social ostracism.
  • NL 2009/02"To avoid the disgrace" Goethe's Gretchen is based on a historical case.
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  • Highlights dated October 19, 2010Believe It or Not, Penises Are Flexible!
  • NL 2010/9William Harrison’s “Ride on This Tiger” Has Come to an End. The outspoken abortionist from Arkansas has died at the age of 75
  • Today's Highlights‘Music is poetry of the air’
  • NL 2010/05The forgotten doctor Mensinga died 100 years ago We have this gynecologist from Flensburg to thank for the diaphragm.
  • NL 2010/08‘Counting the Days’ for Family Planning: Not Recommended for Spontaneous Lovers, but Helpful for Couples Having Difficulty Conceiving. Austrian Gynecologist Hermann Knaus Passed Away 40 Years Ago
  • NL 2010/06Special Prize goes to Vienna at European Museums Awards on 22 May 2010 - The Museum of Contraception and Abortion is given the Kenneth Hudson Award
  • NL 2010/03Thank you, Johanna Dohnal!
  • NL 2010/02We’re proud of our Museums’ Seal of Quality!!
  • NL 2009/09a"The law forces thousands to die this way ... frightened to death ... can no one help us?"
    80 years ago Friedrich Wolf's play "Cyankali" premiered
  • NL 2009/07Looking for physician and writer Fritz Kahn (1888 - 1968)
  • NL 2009/05"Regrettably it cannot be prevented"
    The device to calculate safe and unsafe days caused a huge stir
  • NL 2009/04To supplement our focus on eminent Viennese gynaecologist Hermann Knaus, this newsletter introduces one of Knaus' opponents who became known because of his Nazi involvement.
  • NL 2008/11Bestselling author Michael Crichton promoted a woman's right to abortion
    "Our laws ... are hazy, ill-defined, and absurdly strict"
  • NL 2008/10"Woman is not essentially capricious"
    50 years after Marie Stopes' death
  • NL 2008/0615 years ago, birth control pioneer Hans Lehfeldt passed away
    "Doctors must deal with contraception much more than they do now."
  • NL 2008/07"To Study Together With Your Partner"
    German Beate Uhse published her first sex education 60 years ago
  • NL 2005/12Pregnancy tests
  • NL 2008/03aUnwanted pregnancy on stage
    Author Ödön von Horvath presents slice of life
  • NL 2008/02Contraception was physicians’ no-no
    February 9 commemorates Aletta Jacobs’ (1854-1929) birth
  • NL 2007/12Women’s Rights in Ireland: A Blot in the Map
    Pioneer of Family Planing has died
  • NL 2007/10Doris Lessing denounces consequences of ban abortion
    Literature and arts convey social and political messages
  • NL 2007/08Hermann Knaus (1892-1970 - Detective of the Fertile Days
  • NL 2007/05Contraception 100 Years Ago
  • NL 2007/03Documenting Success - From Infanticide to Contraception
  • NL 2006/12The intrauterine Device
  • NL 2006/03The tale of the pill: A forgotten revolution
  • NL 2005/03Approval of the pill in Japan, attempted abortions using ergot in ‚A doctor for everybody’ by E. Hofmann (1925), Hulka Clip for female sterilisation
  • NL 2005/02Coke as emergency contraception, George Michaels (1912-1992), prepare a sheepgut condom yourself, Male sterilisation
  • NL 2005/01Kyusaku Ogino (1882 -1975), cervical pessaries, Pearl Index
  • NL 2004/09‚Hygiene of human reproduction’ (1926), Ishimoto Shidzue (1897 – 2001), IUD 'Majzlin Spring'
  • NL 2004/08Sigmund Freud (1856 – 1939), Margaret Sanger (1879 – 1966), mysterious ‚Lily’ latex condom from Shanghai
  • NL 2004/07Käthe Kollwitz (1867 – 1945) on the front page of a 1913 leaflet 'Love – without unwanted children!', Bidet, 'fling sperm out of the vagina' (Friedrich Eduard Bilz, 1900)
  • NL 2004/06‚Foetal abortion using toxins and other means‘ by Louis Lewin (1850 –1929), ‚apparatus for women’s protection’, or ‚Powder Blowers‘, F.E. Bilz (1900), Dalkon Shield
  • NL 2004/05‚Atlas of sexuality for adults’ (1971) by Günther Hunold/Beate Uhse, stem pessaries together with an implementation device ('Uterector'), Restellism
  • NL 2004/04Madame Restell/A. M. Mauriceau (1847), IUD 'Dana', 'How to avoid heavy family growth' (1912)
  • NL 2004/03Seasonale (pill), Nestoron (spray), Austrian Researcher Haberlandt, Catholic Church (Knaus, Krenn)
  • NL 2004/02Splint of wood from Uganda, Doris Lessing ‚In pursuit of the English’ (1960), Viennese Foundling Hospital