MUVS Photography Competition: Stock Photos on Abortion

Abortion is still a taboo: The topic is annoying, polarizing, stigmatizing, and even criminalizes women. Media coverage on abortion represents a one-sided visual language for a simple reason: Little to no useful stock photo material is available to depict the reality of this part of life. Therefore, MUVS Vienna is reaching out to obtain photographs that illustrate the critical situation of a woman (or couple) with an unwanted pregnancy in a realistic way. Photographers are invited to grapple with the difficult topic of unwanted pregnancy and abortion in a creative way. MUVS wants this competition to contribute in a useful and important way to the further destigmatisation of abortion.


ATTENTION! Due to technical problems, the submission was extended!

Entry deadline: April 14th 2017

Prize money: 700,- Euros / 500,- Euros / 300,- Euros (1st-3rd prize),
up to 20 non-cash awards under consideration

Details and instructions for participating:

We are looking forward to exciting photographs and are grateful for the forwarding of our call!

Kind regards from Vienna,
Brigitte A. Oettl and Christian Fiala, MUVS Vienna

PS: On thursday 19th of January at 6 pm MUVS will provide a free guided tour for every interested participant, please sign up here: