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Liquid for ladies' problems from Thailand

Inscription: Liquid for problems.

Applications: anaemia, stimulating the appetite, in case of missed menstrual periods, after giving birth. Not for use by pregnant women.

Transparent glass bottle containing brown liquid. Yellow screw cap, unopened. Turquoise, purple and red labels on both sides of bottle with depictions of a dragon and a woman’s head.

Cardboard box, turquoise, purple and red, with depictions of a dragon and a woman’s head. Product details.

Directions for use are included, red lettering on yellowish paper.

Inventory number: 2347
Material: glass bottle containing liquid, cardboard box, instructions printed on paper
Dimensions, in cm: 14,2x6,5x4cm
Date: 10/2007
Condition: good
Donor: Kamheang Chaturachinda