Embroidered samplers: virtual special exhibit

Feminine virtues: Cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, sewing... Knowing how to do all that can’t hurt, as long as women are aware of how this caters to gender roles. In our virtual exhibit, the US textile artist Katrina Majkut demonstrates this in a memorable way.


Who’s doing the Devil’s Work?

Banks that call themselves ‘ethical’ include the right to self-determination with regard to abortion as a criterion for rejecting companies for investment, terming it a “violation of the dignity of human life”.


The Fence

For the artist Pauline Marcelle the knitting needle is not just a tool for (female) handicraft. It also stands for women’s suffering and death in times/countries where women did not or still do not have access to safe and legal abortion.


Stork with baby

The story that white storks deliver babies and bite the mother’s leg, explaining her confinement after childbirth, became widespread during the 19th century when sexuality was repressed in prudish bourgeois European society.