A mystifying gift

They could be regarded as masterpieces of artistry wood design, emerged from the quest for the ideal shape. But really they are appliances for gynaecological examinations, namely so called specula.


Mind the slip

Super thin, `extra sensitive´ condoms are a true luxury of our time. Former generations had to resort to rather thicker or more costly designs.


Gynodate, the ‘love alarm clock’

At first glance, the Gynodate is merely a tabletop clock with an elegant case. However, the front cover can be raised to obtain gynaecological information in addition to the time of day and date: Gynodate “discretely” shows the fertile and infertile days in the menstrual cycle, the cycle itself, and the date of ovulation.


Just don’t attract attention!

In places where abortion is illegal, the police are trained as to what kind of implements they should look out for during a property search. This for a long time made it impossible to develop an instrument specifically designed for carrying out abortions.